Current #Resistance Portfolio

For background on the purpose of this list, go here.

  1. Support the Women’s March on Washington. The Women’s March is shaping up well, with an official rallying point and a growing roster of partners. Planned Parenthood, Gloria Steinem, and Harry Belafonte are lending their expertise and leadership.
  2. Urge donations to support the Women’s March.
  3. Keep track of organizations sending delegations to the Women’s March.
    • American Association of University Women-National (AAUW)
    • Democrats Abroad – Canada
    • Various groups coming from synagogues and churches
    • State delegations from all 50 states
  4. Work on practical programs to assist progressive young lawyers to run for office or to head campaign of a young progressive running for office.
  5. Donate time and money to organizations with experience, expertise, commitment to safeguarding civil rights and/or combating misogyny, patriarchy, and white supremacy. (The ones I have chosen are discussed here.)
  6. Boycott retailers carrying Donald J. Trump and/or Ivanka Trump brand merchandise. Work to extend boycott to media that accept advertising from Trump companies. (Detailed information re targeted retailers, alternatives available here. See also my posts on concept and implementation.) Printable flyers for offline distribution here.

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