#CitizenPresence: What it is and how to get involved

Word of the atrocious conditions at the US Customs and Border facility in Clint, Texas broke on June 21, 2019. Thousands, maybe millions, of Americans wanted to act: to bear witness, to rally, to protest. I believe the best response is steady stream of American citizens heading to Clint, TX to produce a constant, visible presence at a known epicenter of the overall moral disaster resulting from U.S. government policies and actions related to immigration.

We need to pool our resources, ideas, and talents to make this happen. Here are three ways to participate:

  1. To donate funds to enable people with the time and ability to travel but not the money, you can donate here or by Venmo (find me by full name, Heidi Li Feldman). I’m administering the money, making small travel grants. I use reasonable good judgment about who to fund, and leave individuals to make their own arrangements and plans. No donation is too small, every five dollars helps.
  2. To request funds for travel, contact me on Twitter, @heidilifeldman. It is best if you DM me your email and I will get back to you.
  3. To organize yourself and coordinate with other people, you can join an online collaboration forum I set up. Again, DM me on Twitter, telling me a bit about yourself and your intentions to travel to Clint, and I can send you the link to join that forum.