Rally to give women voice, 5 pm, 2/8/2017 US Capitol

Yesterday, in the course of speaking against Jeff Sessions’ appointment to the post of Attorney General, Senator Elizabeth Warren attempted to read into the record testimony originally given by Coretta Scott King in opposition to Sessions’ 1986 appointment to the federal bench. The Senate Majority leader, along with all other Republican Senators in attendance, refused to permit Senator Warren to finish her remarks, banishing her for allegedly inappropriately insulting a fellow Senator. Details of this episode here

In short, a woman, using other another woman’s words, to question a man was told, by a man, to shut up.

Today four male Democrat Senators read from Mrs. King’s testimony in the ongoing debate of Sessions’ suitability as Attorney General. They were all permitted to speak. 

The Senate Republicans may have prevented Senator Warren from entering Mrs. King’s words into the record, but they cannot prevent other women from entering those words into public discourse. Tonight, beginning at 5 pm at the Capitol Building, on the South side of the Senate building, women – and men – are invited to join in reading aloud the testimony of Coretta Scott King regarding Jeff Session’s fitness to uphold civil rights for all Americans.

This will be a peaceful gathering of ordinary people, assembling to exercise their rights under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. 

Rally to give women voice, 5 pm, 2/8/2017 US Capitol

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