The Women Led Coalition

The list of partners for the Women’s March on Washington is growing fast. Already, before the march even happens, it is teaching a lesson: the next major political and cultural coalition in the US is going to be women led.

It is going to be extremely diverse and highly intersectional. Some of the groups represented organize themselves around traditional U.S. demographic markers, e.g. race, religion, ethnicity. Others organize themselves around a traditional marker and a less usual one, e.g. gender AND tech. Others organize around a causes and interests not generally associated exclusively with a traditional demographic, such as stopping gun violence or ending poverty.

The scores of partners affiliating with the Women’s March have more in common than their opposition to the Trump administration and the Trump-Ryan-McConnell Republican Party. As you learn about each partner, you can see that the group shares a vision of the U.S., and the world. The vision is for a more just, more equitable, highly pluralist, very cosmopolitan polity and culture; a less dangerous, less violent, better educated, better informed citizenry.

This is the politics of The Women Led Coalition. It clearly honors the teachings and commitments of Hillary Clinton. But the reach and aspirations of The Women Led Coalition go beyond any single individual’s portfolio. It is not a coalition to serve a particular politician. It is a genuinely collective coalition, greater than the sum of its parts.

Welcome to the next great force in U.S. politics and culture: The Women Led Coalition.

The Women Led Coalition